Water humidity test chamber CON 1000-FL, front loading

VLM Germany water condensing test rooms ensure the fulfillment of the most important international standards: DIN EN ISO 6270-2:2005 (CH) constant humidity, DIN EN ISO 6270-2:2005 (AT) alternating temperature, ASTM D2247
They also allow alternative temperature (AT) and alternative temperature and humidity (AHT) . With the manual or electronic SO2 dosing system, the test rooms can perform the Kesternich (KES) test according to DIN EN ISO 6988 (DIN 50018).

VLM Germany
on request
CON 1000-FL

  • Cost-effective solution for water condensation and corrosion tests with SO2
  • VLM-patented technology allows the best possible reproducibility of the temperature conditions created in the test chamber, regardless of environmental conditions and geographic location
  • Jumo dTRON microprocessor for all types of 1000L test cameras,standard, other microprocessors (optional)
  • Time programming function
  • The CWC system is the VLM-patented technology that regulates the exact temperature gradient of ΔT = 1 ° C between the bottom and the roof of the  test chamber  – this is essential for an optimal condensation process in the test chamber at 100% RH regardless of the conditions Environment outside the test room
  • Flat heaters below the bottom of the room for uniform and rapid water heating in the gutter
  • Rotary speed controlled air blower for controllable specimen drying

Relevant test standards for condensed water tests:

– DIN EN ISO 6270-2:2005, BS 3900 F2, BS 3900 F15, ASTM D2247

Note !!! Standards met according to the chosen model and accessories


Available models:

CON 1000-FL CH

Cod: V.705.061.020
Water humidity test chamber with constant humidity


Cod: V.708.261.020
Water humidity test chamber, Aeration with ambient air


Cod: V.705.561.020
Water humidity test chamber,Aeration with ambient air, Controlled Water Condensation and Automatic Water Refil


ca. 1000 L

Inner test chamber

ca. 1400 x 800 x 920/1160 mm

Outer dimensions of the casing (overall) W x D x H

ca. 2160 x 980 x 2020 mm

Required power supply

230V, 50/60Hz, 700W

Materials used

Test chamber is made of stainless steel, bottom coated with ECTFE, side walls made of Polyethylene with milled openings for supporting rods


Flat Micanite heater under the bottom of the chamber for fast and uniform heat transfer


Corrosion resistent and higly sensitive temperature sensors above the floor and under the roof

Max operating temp.

+ 60˚C



Other specification

Purity demineralized water / filling volume / fitting

< 5 μS/cm | ca. 3,5 L | ¾“ outer diameter
Option: Automatic water refill

Tap water (connection type)

Always via Ion-exchanging cartridge (¾“ outer diameter)

Compressed Air

6-8 bar (connection nipple size 5)

Waste water, drain

Pipe fittings (spiral hose ID 32 mm)

Exhaust pipe outer diameter

Pipe fitting (75 mm external diameter)



Recommended accessories

Demineralized water plant, filter for compressed air, specimen racks

AWRF – Automatic water reunion (Option for all types of test chamber)
Demineralized water plant, filter for compressed air, specimen racks (Recommended accessories)

-Article No.: V.851.210.300

Specimen racks:, inclination 15°, length 550mm, number of slits 27 (Other models on request)
Article No.: V.852.250.001
Water purificator type 2800
Article No.: V.852.250.002
Water plant for supply of demineralised water ( with 1 cartrige)

-Auto Industry

-Paint Industry

–Metal Industry

–Aerospace Industry

Relevant test standards for condensed water tests: – DIN EN ISO 6270-2:2005, BS 3900 F2, BS 3900 F15, ASTM D2247