Corrosion and condensation test chamber SAL / CON 1000-TL, TOP LOADING

The corrosion and condensation test chamber VLM Germany ensure the fulfillment of the most important international standard: DIN EN ISO 9227, IEC 60028-2-11 KA, DIN EN ISO 6270-2: 2005 (CH) constant humidity, DIN EN ISO 6270-2 : 2005 (AT) alternating temperature, ASTM D2247
Also, test rooms with the AIR option allow the condensed water test: DIN EN ISO 6270-2:2005

VLM Germany
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SAL / CON 1000-TL

  • Cost effective for base salt corrosion tests (SAL) and water corrosion tests (CH, AT, AHT)
  • Compact Load Design (Load Style)
  • VLM technology allows the best reproduction of temperature conditions
  • The test chamber has steel bas, is more robust and less susceptible to damage compared to competitive glass-reinforced plastic
  • Easy to use control system with preconfigured test parameters
  • Double diaphragm pump, automatic, electronically controlled ventilation, with electronic flow check
  • Double nozzle for two fluids (test solution and compressed air) with adjustable polycarbonate air cover with PEEK
  • Transparent Duran-glass with easily replaceable PE filters for fine-grained compressed air distribution or full saturation with automatic humidity
  • Manually operated air-purge for evacuating saline in the test chamber

International Standard tests that can be performed with the ClimaCorr, deppending on the selected model and specific acccesories that may be required for each type of test:

Water condensation tests:

DIN EN ISO 6270-2:2005, BS 3900 F2, BS 3900 F15, ASTM D2247

Salt Spray Test:

DIN EN ISO 9227, DIN 50942, DIN 53167, ASTM B 117-73, ASTM B 287-74, ASTM B 368-68,  ISO 7253 ISO 3678,  BS 1224, BS 2011, BS3900 F4,  BS 3900 F12,  BS 5466 Part I, BS 5466 Parts 2 + 3,  NFX 41002, AS 21331 Section 3.1,  SIS 1841190,  JIS Z 2371,  IEC 60028-2-1 KA


Available models:

SAL/CON 1000-TL AIR AWRF, cod V.725.465.050

Corrosion and condensation test chamber with aeration, ambiental automatic water refill.


ca. 1000 L

Inner test chamber

ca. 1425 x 800 x 690/1005 mm

Outer dimensions of the casing (overall) W x D x H

ca. 1895 x 890 x 1265 mm

Required power supply

230V, 50/60Hz, 2000W

Materials used

The walls of the chamber are made of Polypropylene while the bottom is made of stainless steel and coated with ECTFE. The walls have milled openings for supporting rods


Flat Micanite heaters under the bottom of the chamber for fast and uniform heat transfer


– 1x corrosion resistant and highly sensitive temperature sensor


RS 232 interface (optional)

Other specification

Purity demineralized water / filling volume / fitting

< 5 μS/cm / ca. 3,5 L / ¾“ outer diameter
Option: Automatic water refill

Tap water (connection type)

Always via Ion-exchanging cartridge (¾“ outer diameter)

Compressed Air

6-8 bar (connection nipple size 5)

Waste water, drain

Pipe fittings (spiral hose ID 18 mm)

Exhaust pipe outer diameter

Pipe fitting (50 mm external diameter)

Number of supporting rods / max load

5 stainless steel rods coated with plastic / 30 kg each

Automatic water refill – AWRF (option available for all models)
code V.725.465.050
RS 232 interface
VISICORR software
code V.851.000.610
Racks PP for SAL/CCT/ClimaCORR® test cabinets 1000 L, Slits :27;angle :20° ; slit width :3 mm ;length 650 mm
code V.851.210.330
Cabinets for tanks with test solution, 210 L capacity
code V.852.205.100
Tanks for test solution with SAL filter, 2 fixed 2 swivel castors, 210 L
code V.852.220.210
Container pump 230 V for rapidly dissolving of sodium chloride (for the 210L/ 300L tank)
code V.852.225.111
Compressor, max pressure 8 bar
code V.852.211.111
Unit for filtering compressed air, for test cabinets 400/600/1000 L
code V.852.210.104
Water plant for the demineralization of tap water according to ISO 9227, ASTM B117 (1 cartridge, analogue conductivity meter, leak water detection)
code V.852.250.002

-Auto Industry

-Paint Industry

–Metal Industry

–Aerospace Industry

Relevant test standards for condensed water tests: – DIN EN ISO 6270-2:2005, BS 3900 F2, BS 3900 F15, ASTM D2247