Direct spraying of test solution acc. to VOLVO and FORD standards

Optional feature for the Volvo STD 423-0014 Standard (VCS 1027.149)

The swaying tube for direct spraying is available for ClimaCORR® test chambers of  1000 L, 3000 L and 3500 L.

These corrosion test standards (VOLVO STD 423-0014 (VCS 1027.149) and FORD CETP: 00.00-L-46) specify the spraying equipment to a great detail. The optional swaying tube with pneumatic drive and a dedicated solution pump is currently available for all VLM ClimaCORR® test cabinets larger than 400 L. The versatile ClimaCORR® terchnology powered by Beckhoff PLC has just become even more versatile.