Kesternich testing

Kesternich testing, or sulphur dioxide testing, is commonly used for industrial objects, especially metal objects which are subject to corrosion. Resistance to corrosion is measured in Kesternich cycling, and this method of accelerated corrosion testing is an approved method that is used to perform corrosion tests on metallic components. The Kesternich testing chamber in use […]

What is a Cyclic Climate Test?

The CCT tests has been developed to evaluate the corrosion protection predominantly in the automotive industry by using accelerated laboratory tests. The idea behind the CCT tests is to simulate the actual conditions in which the vehicles are normally being used. These tests are cyclic in nature, meaning that the test specimens are exposed to […]

Thermal Shock Test Chambers, CTS Series TSS

The innovative technology of our CTS temperature shock test cabinets allow temperature changes up to 100 K/min. The most common national and international standards (DIN, IEC, MIL) are met. The compressed-air dryer system used as a standard allows up to 3000 test cycles without defrosting.

What is environmental simulation?

Technical products are subject to various environmental factors during their lifetime. These include, for example, cold warmth humidity light vibration noxious gas pressure These environmental factors can affect the function, life and quality of products. Environmental simulation simulates these factors and influences from the environment reproducibly in the laboratory and enables the manufacturer to test […]